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In the majority of sexual abuse and assault cases, the perpetrator is known by the survivor. It is for this reason, among others, that survivors often do not share their experience, or wait many years to do so. Think about it—It is much easier to call out a person who is unknown to an individual, her family, and her community.  When an assailant is known, however—a relative, teacher, coach or coworker—it is much more difficult to stand up and share the truth.

Civil statutes of limitation are the maximum amount of time a survivor has to file a lawsuit against a perpetrator and the institution that may have covered up the abuse. 


Filing a lawsuit is hard. The first decision point is the selection of your legal counsel. It can be challenging to know or understand who may be best for your unique situation. I’ve spent the last decade traversing the country building a network of attorneys that I know and trust. 

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Survivors: Sales Lead
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