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Bridie's 10-year career as a nationally ranked and record-holding speed skater made her an expert on the discipline and dedication required to set and beat goals – and knowing how and when to switch gears. It also made her an expert on overcoming adversity – as the victim of child sexual abuse by her Olympic medalist teammate and mentor.

After publicly speaking out about the experience, she’s helping others do the same – on a personal, community, state, national, and global level. Bridie is a passionate and compelling educator, organizer and discussion leader on topics including:


  • This Girl's Got Grit

  • Using Adversity to Fuel Positive Change

  • Child Sexual Abuse, Education and Prevention

  • No One is Untouchable: Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

  • Discipline, Dedication, and Smart Decisions: Lessons from Athletics

  • How Child Sexual Abuse Impacts Families, Communities, and Economies 

  • Political Activism: Grassroots Organizing for Local and Large-Scale Change



  • Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Event Moderation

  • Community Action Group Meetings

  • Student Career Center and Leadership Activities

  • Conferences and Events

  • Conferences and Programs for Professional Organizations



Bridie has spoken extensively about her experiences as an athlete, survivor and activist, and the invaluable lessons learned in the process of reclaiming personal power.


Both brave and vulnerable, she's won praise as a relatable, compassionate and inclusive speaker.



Advocacy, activism, overcoming and using adversity, motivation.

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